Development, financing, value chain supply and consulting.

We are a specialized consultancy / advisory and trading organization geared towards the facilitation of investments and trade links within the global renewable energy industry.

Headquartered in Madrid, Spain, and with a presence in Valencia, Spain.


Our Story

Gecko Renewables assists organizations with accessing investment opportunities within the European Union.

We also assist renewable energy players with entry to the Asian and African markets in terms of project development, financing, assembly and manufacturing, as well as sales and marketing activities.

Our Services

Sector Penetration and Partnering Strategy

Gecko Renewables not only assists in the formulation of a market related penetration strategy, but also in the identification and introduction of industry relevant partners capable of addressing expectation and requirements of its clients.

Sector Specific Intelligence and Research

Reports and dossiers based on country specific information available to its clients.

Marketing, Networking and Partnerships Assistance

Gecko Renewables will assist, upon request, with the marketing / public communication requirements of the client coupled with the introduction of the client to additional key role-players and media (where applicable).

Execution beyond Planning

Gecko Renewable's assistance is not limited to the formulation of a client / scenario specific strategy. Gecko Renewables also assists with the execution of its client strategies and thereby turns concepts into tangible results.

Public Relations

Where required, Gecko Renewables will assist in managing the client's public communication strategy in the private and public sectors respectively.

Business Development

Gecko Renewables specializes in the identification and structuring of potential sources of business and investments for our clients within the European Union.

Operational Support

Gecko Renewables assists extensively with the creation of turnkey solutions for its clients, including operational support as required on a project-by-project basis.


Our Partners


Our Vision & Mission

To become a global strategic partner to the major renewable energy players in terms of project development, financing, value chain supply, and consulting.

To promote investments into the renewable energy sector within the European Union.

To identify suitable/relevant development projects in the renewable energy sector within the European Union as possible investment opportunities and strategic alliances.

To partner with local and international solar photovoltaic players in terms of equity participation and/or value chain supplies.


Renewable Future

Gecko Renewables is committed to the creation of synergies between local and international partners, thereby ensuring relationships which are both mutually beneficial and sustainable.


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